Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls


We have a tendency to maintain a strategic distance from particular dating these sorts of bowls. Some of these bowls go back to the late eighteenth century. Dating bowls is a dubious business, since their frame changes however minimal over long spreads of time and their condition depends such a great amount upon singular states of capacity and utilization. They ought to be seen as social antiquities of masterful legitimacy, and saw along these lines, age is of however optional significance. We will however express that every one of the bowls appeared here were made for nearby utilization and were utilized accordingly. These bowls are all from the Himalayan areas close  to Tibet.

This Tibetan hand pounded singing bowl is up to 250 years of age and comes unpolished in its unique shape with magnificent and obvious sledge marks and an extraordinary smooth patina. It was utilized as a part of Tibetan Buddhist intervention throughout the years. This bartering additionally incorporates a striker which is utilized to influence the bowl to sing. This bowl includes the (pad) imagined. Each bowl is hand chosen for its tone, size, and quality. It has a superb tone that conveys for quite a while. The multi-layered tone of these bowls endures as long as 3 minutes!

Singing Bowls were conveyed to Tibet from India alongside the lessons of Master Buddha. A great many people utilize these bowls for Buddhist otherworldly reflection or to make an incredible craftsmanship or discussion piece. Hand made in an awesome mix of 7 unique metals which make 7 diverse particular tones. As indicated by convention, the seven metals compare with each of the planets, gold for the Sun, silver for the Moon, mercury for well, Mercury, copper for Venus, press for Mars, tin for Jupiter, and lead for Saturn. 

Since Tibetan singing bowls have an extremely baffling history it is in some cases hard to discover data about them, in truth there is truly no say of them in the Tibetan Buddhist standard. They can be found in the two religious communities and homes, however when addressed about there presence unclear answers are normally given. It has been reputed that it is really taboo for priests to talk about the singing bowls. Some say that the bowls are utilized by high lamas in mystery ceremonies, which gives them the capacity to go to various domains and measurements. At last one thing stays certain, that singing bowls are a capable profound instrument. Notwithstanding their conventional utilization for reflection, Tibetan Singing Bowls are utilized for Unwinding, Stress Diminishment, Mending, and Reiki. 

The bowls are estimated in view of weight, size, and condition. The bigger or heavier the bowl, the higher the cost. Likewise, please take note of that these bowls are left in their unique imported condition.


1) Place (don’t touch/hold bowl with your fingers, it may dampen vibration/sound) bowl on palm of one of your hands.

2) Slide/rotate the striker firmly around rim of the bowl with an even pressure and uniform speed to produce vibration/sound.

3) Vibration and sound can be produced also by just hitting the bowl with the striker.

Another method is “gonging” or “striking” the bowls. This is a simple method that involves striking the bowl with a wood or padded striker.

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