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  • $ 14.99

    Our fragrant Sandalwood Nepali Rope Incense is crafted from herbs of the high Himalayas. This particular blend is extracted from white and red Sandalwood, Saldup, Spikenard, Cinnamon and Cloves. Found abundantly burned in Stupas, Temples and meditation rooms for its aromatic ambience. Approximately 50 – four inch ropes are artfully ackaged in bundles of hand rolled lokta paper. Handmade in Nepal.

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    Padmasambhava Tibetan Incense is a great choice for protecting you from negative energies. Spiritual Incense comprising of Sandalwood and medicinal herbs along with a number of precious stones incuding turquoise and Cora scented oils. Traditional Tibetan Incense Sticks. Handmade Incense containing many ingredients such as sandalwood, medicinal herbs and precious stones such as turquoise, coral and gold. Hindu and Buddhist Monastery Incense offered to Guru Padmasambhava during prayers when we request him to fulfill our wishes. Ideal choice for protecting you from any negative energies

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    Zambala incense sticks combines around 100 medicinal and aromatic plants from the Himalayas. It can be offered to Zambala , the lord of wealth and prosperity. It will also purify,refresh and soothe your environment and yourself and bring good luck, prosperity and happiness.